Annual Guadalupe River Clean Up – September 16, 2017

Saturday September 16, 2017

The event will be headquartered at Bigfoot Canoes on FM311 in Spring Branch.

Those who wish, can camp at the Weidner Campground on the river the night before and the night after (camping fees apply).  We will have a briefing beginning at 0800 Saturday, required for Team Leaders, in order to pick up trash bags and pickers (provided by W.O.R.D.) and go over last minute details.  We will meet back at Bigfoot (@ 3-4pm) for prizes, food, drink, live music and thanks.  There will be prizes for the most unique item found on the river and the team/boat with the most bags of trash.

We need 6 teams of 4 people with at least 2 canoes (to haul bags of trash) and 2 kayaks.  Each team will designate a Team Leader who will be in charge of the logistics of hauling people, boats and trash.  Ideally there will be a truck with a trailer in order to haul boats and trash bags once finished.

There are 6 legs of the river to clean, beginning at FM 3351 (between Bergheim and Kendalia) and ending at Rebecca Creek Rd, a 4 man team for each leg.

Begin                                End

1st Leg     at FM 3351                  at Edge Falls Rd                                          Team Leader:  Bert Whitaker

2nd Leg   Edge Falls Rd        Guadalupe River State Park                       Team Leader:  Jeff Stief

3rd Leg    Guadalupe St Pk    Nichols Landing (Old Spring Branch Rd) Team Leader:  Mark Perry

4th Leg     Nichols Landing          Highway 281 Bridge                                 Team Leader:  Susan Sullivan

5th Leg            281                              FM 311 Bridge                                          Team Leader: Matt Kirk

6th Leg            311                              Rebecca Creek Rd                                  Team Leader:  Wendall Lyons

All boats should be in the water and moving down their leg of river by 0900.  Once finished, boats and trash will be loaded onto trailers then drive to Nichols Landing where WORD maintains a dumpster.  Deposit all trash into dumpster and head back to Bigfoot Canoes/Weidner Campground.  Remember to bring your most unique item in order to be chosen for the prize!  Take a picture of all your team’s trash bags in order to win the most trash prize.  Once all your trash is dropped at the dumpster, head back to Bigfoot for the celebration of the clean river.

We will provide food and drink for all the volunteers once back at the campground.  Volunteers should bring their own lunch while on the river.  We are planning on food for 40-50 people. Feel free to bring Side Dishes/Desserts.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Bert Whitaker at

2017 Guadalupe River Association Annual Membership Drive and Meeting

The Annual Guadalupe River Association  Annual Membership Drive and  Meeting  was Saturday Feb 4th 2017.

A special thanks to our speakers:

  • Katherine Romans Executive Director,Hill Country Alliance
    • More than a decade of experience in policy making and nonprofit management
    • 4 Years of watershed outreach coordination with the Hill Country Alliance
    • Graduate of the University of Virginia and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental   Studies

Katherine discussed opportunities for collaboration with the Hill Country Alliance

  • Larry Hull, President of Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

    • Former President of the Guadalupe River Association
    • Rancher and Native Texan
    • Graduate of Texas A&M University and served in the US Armed Forces

Mr. Hull briefed attendees on the status and future of Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (CTGCD).

The Guadalupe River is one of Texas’ most precious resources and best-loved rivers.  Help us keep it that way!

Your membership and donations are essential to our work.

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Dues and Donations can also be mailed to:

Guadalupe River Association
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The Guadalupe River Association (GRA)

The Guadalupe River Association (GRA) was formed in 1971 for the purpose of the preservation of the scenic and natural state and ecology of the Guadalupe River, and for the purpose of educating the public in the protection and conservation of the fish, game and other wildlife, as well as the grasslands and forests in, around and along the Guadalupe River

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